Service Assistant is my hip pocket dispatcher. Mike Risso, Warehouse Manager

"Service Assistant is my hip pocket dispatcher"

- Mike Risso, Warehouse Manager

Warehouse managers can quickly enter service requests into Andersen’s dispatch system. We’ll be at your facility...guaranteed.


Whether it’s a standard or emergency situation, select desired equipment, enter description of service needed, send.


Access to information on all service calls. Monitor status of all active and closed service requests and view service tickets.

Hour Meter

Upload your equipments’ hour readings for the most accurate and detailed data integration with PowerTrack Service Manager.


Communicate directly with Andersen (not dispatcher) on any topics, concerns or suggestions for improvement.

The custom mobile app is free to all Service Customers and easily downloaded directly from Google Play or Apple Store. Once installed on device, we provide log-in and other set-up instructions. Service Assistant works on both Android and iPhone platforms.

Standard App (free download)


  • Request Service - Direct to Dispatch
  • Dashboard of Active Service Tickets
  • Send Photo with Service Request
  • Multiple Location Support*
  • Specify Shift
  • Specify Urgency
  • Enter Hour Meter Reading
  • Equipment Reference Image
  • Search for Equipment by QR Code
  • Phone Dial AMH
  • Non-Truck Equipment*
  • Rental Equipment Included
  • Submit Feedback
  • Optional Lift Truck Operator Checklist
*Must be serviced by Andersen Material Handling

Operator Checklist



Perform and capture OSHA mandated pre-shift inspection with an easy-to-use app. Automated documentation of inspections may help avoid fines and penalties. And, Service Assistant  tracks & archives inspections for each operator.

  • OSHA Compliance (prevent fines)
  • Eliminate Inspection Paperwork
  • Quickly Assess and Remediate
  • Prevent Costly Lift Truck Repairs
  • Contribute to a Safe Work Environment
Service Assistant is my hip pocket dispatcher. Mike Risso, <span>Warehouse Manager

"A virtual statistician that never clocks out"

- John Davis, Facility Manager

Organize and analyze utilization of equipment, work orders, invoices and more. Always available, 100% secure.


Freedom to view and sort data into reports formatted to the parameters you choose. Service Manager gives you the power to make smarter decisions.

Real-Time Data

Up-to-the-minute information makes for more accurate and meaningful decision-making.


Utilization information tracks equipment performance to calculate cost per hour based on maintenance and repair history.

Review Work Orders

Access to the service history on every piece of warehouse equipment results in better business decisions and budgeting.

Deep Insight

Can help spotlight areas for additional safety, training and compliance. Identifies cost drivers by analyzing avoidable repairs.


Whether your fleet is one or 100, a solution exists in one of our four PowerTrack plans. Whatever option fits your need, we guarantee the power to make smarter decisions through real-time data.

  • Features

  • Fleet Analyst
    AMH personnel proactively identify areas for
    improvement based on fleet data
  • Fleet Data Analysis
  • PowerTrack Service Assistant Mobile App
  • Service Assistant Pre-Shift Inspection Checklist Additional Fees Apply
  • Capture and Upload Hour Meter Readings
  • Account Summary
  • Export Data
  • Print Data
  • Expense Event Details
  • Expense Summary
  • Avoidables Data
  • Utilization
  • View Invoice Image
  • View Work Order Image
  • Cost per Hour by Unit
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Build Automated Reporting
  • Multiple Locations In Territory
  • Customized Reporting
  • Process External Partner Data
  • Non-Truck Equipment Tracking
  • Number of Users
  • Supports Locations Out of Territory
  • Maintenance Provider Limitation
  • Basic

  • Customer
  • Summary
  • Summary
  • Summary
  • 1
  • N
  • AMH
  • Advanced

  • Best Value

  • Customer
  • By Unit
  • By Unit
  • By Unit
  • By Unit
  • 3
  • N
  • AMH and IH
  • Fleet

  • Customer
  • By Unit
  • By Unit
  • By Unit
  • By Unit
  • Customer
  • Unlimited
  • Upload*
  • AMH and IH
  • Fleet Pro

  • Enterprise

  • AMH
  • AMH
  • By Unit
  • By Unit
  • Detailed
  • By Unit
  • AMH
  • Unlimited
  • Y
  • AMH or IH or OS

Like Bacon and Eggs

They just go better together

Although Service Assistant app and web-based Service Manager can be used independently of each other, they are a formidable and powerful pair. Just having access to data doesn’t necessarily make it meaningful. Andersen provides the tools to enable good business decisions through automated and customizable information.

apps icons

For Service Customers Only

Apple Store Google Play

Service Assistant app is a powerful new way to request and manage service on any forklift or warehouse equipment in your business.

PowerTrack FAQ

Q: Who can use the PowerTrack Service Assistant App and Service Manager Software?

A: You must be a Service customer of Andersen Material Handling. Both Service Assistant and Service Manager interface with our Service Department dispatch and business system so you always know exactly where you stand with your equipment service projects.

Q: How do I get the Service Assistant App?

A: The PowerTrack Service Assistant App is available for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play. Download

Q: How do I get the Service Manager Software?

A: Click here and fill out a request. An Andersen CustomCare Representative will follow up shortly to confirm your customer profile and provide a quote. Once approved, they will provide a login, demo and training.

Q: How do I get a login to the Service Assistant App?

A: After downloading the app, press the button on the login screen called Signup. This will open a sign up form in your device’s browser. Fill out the form and send. An Andersen CustomCare Representative will follow up shortly to confirm your customer profile and provide login, demo and training.

Q: What Platform does PowerTrack Service Assistant and Service Manager work on?

A: Service Assistant: All recent releases of Apple iOS and Android are supported. Service Manager: Desktop versions of Safari, Explorer, FireFox and Chrome are all supported. The latest version of SilverLight is highly recommended.

Q: How can I get help if I run into trouble using any of the PowerTrack solutions?

A: Click here and fill out a request for support issues.

Q: Can I track warehouse equipment other than forklifts with PowerTrack?

A: Yes. Any serialized equipment where AMH is asked to perform service can be tracked.

Q: How long does it take for a Service Technician to get dispatched?

Service Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
STANDARD: Technician on-site within 4 business hours. Same day service after 1 p.m. subject to availability.
EMERGENCY: Around the clock Emergency Response within 4 hours. May be subject to additional charges.

Q: How do I know if my Service Assistant service request is received?

A: As soon as a service request is successfully received by Andersen Dispatch, an automated message will pop-up within the app and a “Call Number” is issued. If you use Service Manager, the service request appears in its dashboard as well.

Q: What if I don’t see my truck listed in PowerTrack?

A: Click here and fill out a request and we will resolve the equipment location issue.

Q: What is the Hour Meter function for?

A: An hour meter is necessary to accurately track cost per hour and utilization information for the piece of equipment. Service Assistant gives you the ability to directly keep hour meter readings up to date.

Q: I am a current PowerTrack Service Manager user. How does the Service Assistant App work with Service Manager?

A: The Service Assistant allows you to place and track service calls in a mobile environment anywhere in your facility.

Q: I am a current PowerTrack Service Assistant user. Does this app work with the Service Manager Software?

A: Yes. Service Manager tracks real-time service requests placed through the Service Assistant App.


Got Questions? Want to sign up? An Andersen Agent is ready to help.